About Prince Albert Electronics

Prince Albert Electronics is an experienced mobile replacement part store that strives to bring the best quality replacement parts at competitive prices. We have had several years of business experience and since then we have grown even more to be a leading local distributor for mobile device repair and mobile accessories. We carry parts for all the big and small brands as well as being a Microsoft certified computer repair shop! Some of our parts include; head phone flex, charge port, proximity sensors, home flex, power & volume buttons, batteries, cases, chargers and more. We also carry brand names like Incipio, Speck, XtremeMac, iSkin, Casemate, Xdoria, Roots, Otterbox, Sony, Agent 8 and much more!

Mobile Device Repair
Laptop, tablet and mobile phone with water damage.

Consider us as your one stop shop for all of your mobile needs. Whether you're interested in the latest smartphones, looking for the newest selection of mobile accessories or need repairs on your mobile device, we have you covered. With our local presence we will bring you the latest leading-edge products that are available in the telecommunications field.